A Story of Progress and Resilience
Maya El Khoury

A Story of Progress and Resilience – Audi Lebanon, powered by Maya El Khoury

When faced with economic turbulence, political uncertainties, and the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past five years, one’s definition of success typically involve strategies aimed at reducing business operations, rather than focusing on increasing brand awareness, pioneering electrification programmes, and securing market share against competitors.

This “against all odds” success story is a testament to the exceptional efforts of the Audi Lebanon team, headed by their General Manager – Maya El Khoury. Her leadership, combined with the unwavering commitment of the local team, has authored the Audi brand’s story of progress in the country in recent years.

Overcoming Adversity: Resilience in Leadership

The visionary General Manager’s leadership has been pivotal in steering Audi Lebanon through the complex landscape over the past five years. The brand’s resurgence, achieving and often exceeding set sales targets comparable to the pre-crisis levels of 2018, is a testament to the strategic vision and the team’s unwavering belief in delivering an exceptional customer experience and proactive initiative-taking. Laser-like focus on teamwork and a collaborative approach has proven instrumental in accomplishing crucial tasks and projects, marking a resilient triumph.

Revenue Resurgence: A Reflection of Success

Closing 2022 with revenue results matching those of 2018, Maya’s outlook for 2023 was even more promising. Under her guidance, the After Sales operations have experienced a significant resurgence, reintroducing the brand to former clients and servicing vehicles even beyond their warranty period. By the end of 2023, customer retention rate increased by an impressive 70% compared to 2020. This leadership has also been a driving force behind the prestigious title of “After Sales Team of the Year” for three consecutive quarters until September 2023.

A Trailblazing Journey into the Automotive Industry

Maya’s journey into the automotive industry is marked by passion, dedication, and a willingness to challenge stereotypes. Having started with Kettaneh Group, Audi’s long-term business partner in the Mediterranean country, twenty years ago, she initially immersed herself in various projects and undertook many management roles. Exposure to diverse group divisions, coupled with a deep understanding of company functions and a growing passion for cars, led her to head multiple automotive projects within the group. In 2016, she made a bold decision to transition fully into the automotive vertical, a move that posed unique challenges, especially as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field.

The focus has been on big-picture goals and increasing involvement in daily operations, which reflects her dedication to every aspect of the business. Despite external challenges in Lebanon’s automotive industry, she enjoys being involved in the minutiae of daily operations, believing that small milestones pave the way to achieving grand goals. An open-door policy encourages her team members to interact freely, fostering a culture of collaboration and resilience. Maya’s motivation strategies go beyond quantitative incentives, incorporating qualitative aspects to build a resilient, loyal, and reliable team.

Pioneering Electric Revolution

Audi’s native leadership extends beyond conventional success stories, particularly evident in Audi Lebanon’s foray into the electric vehicle space. The launch of the e-tron range in the country was signified more recently with the e-tron GT in 2022, and their resulting sales success marked a significant boost for the brand. Nevertheless, her achievements go much further than that. Lebanon’s strategic move towards embracing electric vehicles positions it as a trailblazer in the region’s transition to sustainable transportation under Maya’s leadership.

By September 2023, under Maya’s guidance, 16% of total new car sales were electric vehicles, surpassing the set Q8 e-tron sales target by an impressive 60%. Her vision for an electric future is not limited to just sales; it encompasses a revolutionary in-showroom customer experience concept. Over the next 2 years, Audi Lebanon is set to transform its current facilities into a state-of-the-art progressive experience space, perfectly aligned with the commitment to pioneering a sustainable, electric mobility future as the business continues to overcome setbacks following the Beirut blast of August 2020.

Partnerships and Progressiveness in Charging Solutions

Maya’s vision for an electric future extends into a key business partnership with Siemens, aiming to increase the offering of optimal charging solutions. More notable installations, such as the one at the Mzaar Ski Resort just outside of Beirut, showcase Audi Lebanon’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience in key strategic locations. The upcoming Audi charge hub, which will be strategically located at the Audi showroom, is part of her visionary step towards improving the overall customer journey for all Audi e-tron customers.

In conclusion, this trailblazing journey in the automotive industry, marked by resilience, innovation, and a commitment to an electric future, has not only defined her leadership at Audi Lebanon so far but has positioned the brand as a driving force in the face of adversity in the country. Maya’s story is one of overcoming challenges, disrupting the status quo, breaking barriers, and paving the way for a future where Audi Lebanon continues to thrive under her visionary leadership. A true story of progress.

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