Audi Kuwait Presents
"Stories of Progress"

Audi Kuwait Presents “Stories of Progress”: Inspiring Customer Journeys.

  • Audi Kuwait’s “Stories of Progress” campaign showcases diverse customer stories and their Audi experiences.
  • Inspiring narratives of Audi owners exemplify enduring relationships and brand heritage in Kuwait.
  • Audi customers share their passion and loyalty towards the brand through a series of videos showcasing their own unique stories. Click here to watch the videos.

KUWAIT CITY, STATE OF KUWAIT (July 13, 2023) – Audi Kuwait, well-known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty within the brand ecosystem, unveils an extraordinary campaign that intertwines the captivating stories of its customers with the brand’s own progress. The “Stories of Progress” campaign also transcends conventional automotive marketing by highlighting the diverse experiences of Audi owners in Kuwait and, amongst other messages, emphasises the transition to electric vehicles.

In a series of captivating videos, Audi Kuwait brought to life the unique narratives of its customers, representing the various stories within the brand. The campaign showcases the profound connections citizens and residents have formed with Audi products, echoing their passion, loyalty, and ongoing pursuit of excellence. Each story acts as a testament to the enduring relationships Audi fostered with its customers, setting new benchmarks within the automotive industry today.

The campaign features several Audi customers who exemplify the brand’s values and offerings by sharing their stories, which collectively portray the essence of Audi’s commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and driving excellence. Abdullah Al-Khashan, a devoted Audi Sport enthusiast, showcased his unwavering loyalty and exhilarating driving experiences through his collection of Audi vehicles. Faisal Al-Shiba’s transition from an Audi Q7 to an Audi e-tron Sportback reflected the brand’s commitment to sustainable mobility and the future of electric vehicles.

Hamad Al-Dalali, a mechanical engineer, expressed his passion for performance and engineering excellence through his ownership of several Audi Sport models and participation in exhilarating Gulf Run events. Mohammed Mirza, who has maintained a relationship with Audi since 1996 and owns a collection of Audi models, reflects the passion and loyalty of customers and the brand. Mariam Al-Bisher, a nutritionist and a loyal Audi owner since 2012, represents Audi’s ability to cater to diverse lifestyles with her reliable Audi A6 Sedan. Finally, Reem Ibrahim showcased the combination of performance and practicality in her daily use of an Audi Q5, highlighting her trust and satisfaction with the brand.

The Stories of Progress campaign signifies Audi Kuwait’s dedication to customer-centricity. By highlighting diverse customer segments and emphasising the transition to electric mobility, Audi Kuwait has solidified the brand’s leading position in the local market. The campaign has also set new benchmarks for customer care, exemplifying Audi’s commitment to fostering enduring relationships with its customers.

Commenting on the campaign, Audi Middle East Marketing and Communications Elmir Arnautovic said: “We are thrilled to present the ‘Stories of Progress’ campaign, which brings together the remarkable journeys of our customers and Audi’s own evolution. By showcasing diverse customer segments and highlighting our combined transition to electric mobility, we reinforce our commitment to the future. These inspiring narratives exemplify the enduring relationships we cultivate with our valued customers and set new benchmarks for the Audi brand in Kuwait.”

As Audi continues to innovate and deliver cutting-edge brand growth in Kuwait, the Stories of Progress campaign serves as a compelling testament to the extraordinary journeys shared by its customers and the brand. Audi Kuwait invites individuals to join the movement and experience the remarkable progress that lies ahead.

  • Watch the customer stories here.
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