Audi electrifies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Electric, luxurious, and above all, progressive:

Audi electrifies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by introducing the fully electric e-tron range

  • Introducing premium electric mobility, the fully electric Audi e-tron range debuts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The launch of the electric mobility range in the Kingdom is a commitment to shaping the future of mobility whilst aligning with the ambitions of Vision 2030.
  • Audi commits to delivering home charging solutions, inclusive of installation, amidst an expanding public charging network.
  • The Audi e-tron range is now available for pre-order in Audi Centers across the Kingdom, starting from SAR 458,000/-.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (21st September 2023): SAMACO Motors, the official dealer of Audi in Saudi Arabia, presents the official introduction of Audi’s fully electric e-tron range. Unveiling not just one but four premium electric mobility options in the Kingdom, the range consists of the Q8 e-tron, Q8 Sportback e-tron, e-tron GT quattro and RS e-tron GT. This pioneering stride embodies SAMACO’s drive to progress the nation’s premium EV market, aligning perfectly with Saudi’s sustainable goals for a brighter, cleaner, and notably faster tomorrow.

Simon Horabin, Audi General Manager SAMACO Motors, commented, “We’re not just stepping into an electric future; we’re enveloping it in unparalleled luxury and power. The roadmap set by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 provides the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of the e-tron range. Together, Audi Saudi Arabia and SAMACO Motors look forward to helping the Kingdom develop its vision into a reality.”

Showroom and public charging

Audi Saudi Arabia’s commitment  to progressing the public charging infrastructure in the Kingdom is demonstrated in the investment of 5 high performance chargers (HPC) to be fully installed and operational by the end of 2023. The locations of these high performance chargers has been strategically selected to support high density, urban locations in Saudi Arabia, including Diriyah and King Abdulaziz Financial District (KAFD), in Riyadh. Additional investment in sites across the Kingdom is being explored beyond 2023. The commitment in public charging infrastructure ensures that Audi e-trons’ Kingdom-wide are always prepared for their next adventure.

These installations add to the existing HPCs in Audi Centre’s across Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar, with the intent of implementing a comprehensive electric ecosystem for a robust infrastructure rollout in the coming years, whilst supporting the government’s plan to invest in 130 HPCs.

Home charging and value proposition

As part of an Audi e-tron purchase, e-tron customers will enjoy access to a complimentary  home check by Audi’s charging partner, Desert Technologies, to assess the customer’s individual home charging requirements to determine the necessary upgrades or installations needed.

In addition, Samaco Motors will offer each Audi e-tron purchase with a complimentary  Siemens 22kW home charger, which will be installed at the  customer’s home.

e-tron range product offer and specification

The Audi e-tron range will be available with a high level of standard specification across the model line-up. This includes a range of interior, safety and convenience, performance and technological features. A brief summary of the standard specification (to name a few key equipment) is detailed below:

Audi Q8 e-tron:

The new Audi Q8 e-tron carries the success story of the pioneer Audi e-tron forward under a new name. With ample luxury class comfort, an optimized drive concept, improved aerodynamics as well as better charging performance and battery capacity, the Audi Q8 e-tron is the top-of-the line model in Audi’s electric SUV portfolio. A new design for the destinctive front bumper lends a fresh appearance to the Q8 e-tron.

Audi offers the new Q8 e-tron in two body variants: as a classic SUV and as a Sportback that combines the spaciousness of an SUV with the elegant lines of a large coupé. The total luggage compartment volume is also generous, with around 630 liters (including frunk) in the SUV and around 590 liters in the Sportback. The Audi Q8 e-tron offers ample space for five passengers and their luggage, making it the perfect car for long-distance drives.

Three drive variants are available for each of the two body styles – all with electric all-wheel drive. The output range extends from 250 kW in the Q8 50 e-tron and 300 kW in the Q8 55 e-tron to 370 kW in the SQ8 e-tron, which is powered by three electric motors. The models’ ranges lie between 491 and 600 km.

Audi e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT:

Electric mobility is becoming dynamic and fascinating, as proven by the Audi e-tron GT. The four-door coupé, which is introduced on the market as an RS model at the same time, reinterprets the classic idea of the gran turismo: Its design is highly emotive, its technology is revolutionary. Two powerful electric motors provide confident electric all-wheel drive and stunning road performance. The high-voltage battery with a net energy capacity of 84 kWh enables ranges of up to 488 kilometers (for the Audi e-tron GT quattro) to be achieved and can be recharged extremely from 0-100 km/h  in 3.3s thanks to its 800-volt technology. Suspension, lights, controls, connection, or e-tron sport sound: The Audi e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT demonstrate accumulated technical expertise and the Audi brand’s passion for details.

The e-tron model range includes the following performance credentials:










(seconds, per 100 km)

Q8 e-tron953556646005.6
Q8 Sportback e-tron 954086646005.6
e-tron GT quattro93.44766304884.1
RS e-tron GT93.45988304723.3

Furqan Ahmed, the national Marketing Manager at Audi Saudi Arabia, added, “Driving the e-tron is more than an experience; it’s a lifestyle choice. It caters to those who seek performance without compromising on sustainability, all with a near-silent drive, and zero local CO2 emissions.”

The e-tron range: Future foundry for an all-electric Kingdom

The e-tron is not just a car; it’s the future of mobility. Beyond the thrill of its breathtaking acceleration, the e-tron symbolizes everyday practicality. It’s a nod to a future where charging is as effortless as filling up at a gas station. With every e-tron purchase, Audi promises a holistic EV ownership experience. A standard 8-year battery warranty speaks volumes about the confidence in the Audi e-tron’s enduring spirit. Furthermore, Audi Saudi Arabia goes the extra mile, quite literally, with a free home installation, promising a smooth, sustainable drive into the future of premium electric mobility.

The e-tron stands unparalleled in public charging too, with its range calculator answering all distance-related queries. Its capability to journey up to 417 km (WLTP) is a testament to its design, adaptable to both cityscapes and serene countryside’s. The range projections are grounded in real-world driving experiences, even accommodating the luxury of an activated air conditioner, showcasing that efficient driving can stretch those kilometers further.

“With the e-tron, we’re forging a path where tomorrow’s dreams are today’s reality. Our commitment is not just to a car, but to an entire electric ecosystem. The future isn’t just in the cars we drive, but also in the homes we live. Our end-to-end electric solution ensures that our customers are geared up for the future, right from their doorstep to wherever their journey takes them” Simon Horabin adds.

The Audi e-tron range has officially launched in the Kingdom and is available at all Audi Centres’ for test drives. Pricing for the full model range is outlined below:

  • Q8 e-tron: starting from SAR 458,000
  • Q8 Sportback e-tron: starting from SAR 491,000
  • e-tron GT: starting from SAR 556,000
  • RS e-tron GT: starting from SAR 723,000

For more information and detailed insights, visit connect with your nearest Audi dealership at 800 1180099.

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