Electrikhana 2

Electrikhana 2: final drift video with Ken Block released

  • Tribute to the drifting legend who passed away in January
  • Video shot in Mexico City shortly before the death of the US-American
  • Electric Audi S1 Hoonitron with a special gimmick
  • The Museum of the Future hosted the one-of-a-kind race car in the ‘Tomorrow Today’ exhibition in early 2023

Together with the engineers from Audi Sport, Ken Block came up with a very special gimmick for Electrikhana 2 – in addition to a new livery – that only an electric vehicle can offer: In one scene of the movie, the front and rear axles pull in opposite directions, causing the Audi S1 Hoonitron to disappear into a large white cloud when stationary – a scene entirely to the taste of the unforgotten drift artist and his loyal fan base.

Earlier this year Audi Middle East showcased the legendary S1 e-tron quattro Hoonitron at the Museum of the Future for a limited time. Originating from the acclaimed Elektrikhana film released in 2021 featuring drifting stunts in Las Vegas with legendary drifter Ken Block, the S1 Hoonitron has gained global popularity and was a highlight at the Museum of the Future.

Electrikhana 2 is available on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel: YouTube.com/thehoonigans

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