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Important Information:
Unauthorized import of Audi battery electric cars into UAE

Safety first, secure always.

Al Nabooda Automobiles L.L.C, the official importer and dealer for Audi in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, is committed to delivering a complete and rewarding ownership experience to each and every one of our customers. As the authorized distributor, we take it as our duty to ensure our customers are well informed of the latest news and updates on Audi products.

In the past few months, we have observed that there has been a large number of Audi battery electric cars (BEVs) that have been imported into the country by non-authorized organizations/traders. It has also been observed that the said non-authorized organizations/traders have been miscommunicating to customers that the aforementioned Audi battery electric cars carry an international warranty and that all service and maintenance requirements can be attended to by the authorized dealer in the market.

We urgently wish to inform our customers and the local community that these electric cars have not been officially released for sale in the UAE and the obligation to offer after-sale services and warranty lies with the seller of the product, the trader, or the original dealer, none of which are Al Nabooda Automobiles L.L.C. Consequently, these products also have no entitlement to an official manufacturer’s international warranty. Furthermore, all spare parts for these models are not available without an official country release from Audi AG. This also applies to critical software components and software updates for these vehicles as these can only be carried out after the official country release.

In light of this, we strongly urge the local community to not consider these electric cars until the time there is an official communication from Al Nabooda Automobiles L.L.C or Audi Middle East. We understand that this information might be disappointing to some, however we encourage customers to visit Al Nabooda Automobiles showrooms in Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah to explore the latest range of Audi products available instead.

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