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Apprenticeships at Audi

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Stream & Chat: Digital information weeks for apprenticeships at Audi

  • June 15 to 25: Trainers and apprentices give live insight into apprenticeships
    at Audi
  • June 22: Applications begin for the 2021 apprenticeship year

Ingolstadt/Neckarsulm, June 09, 2020 – From June 15 to 25, interested high school graduates will for the first time be able to get information about apprenticeships at Audi via live stream and chat. Trainers and apprentices will provide insights into the various apprenticeship fields.

From mechatronics technicians and IT specialists to medical assistants – Audi has been helping young people start their careers at its Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites for more than 70 years. Audi combines theoretical principles with practical knowledge transfer in 18 viable apprenticeship vocations. Interested high school students and graduates can apply via the Audi Careers site starting June 22, 2020. The programs for the young professionals will then start in September 2021.

From June 15 to 25, interested young people will get early online insight into the range of careers at Audi and can learn about selected apprenticeships at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites. In virtual sessions, apprentices and trainers will offer advice on all aspects of the career fields and answer all questions about training live. To register for an information session, send your name, e-mail address and the date(s) and time(s) you prefer to [email protected] in Ingolstadt and to [email protected] in Neckarsulm. The dates and times can be seen at “Apprenticeship at Audi”.

“Especially in this current time of transformation, we need the fresh ideas and the involvement of courageous young people to reposition Audi,” said Christoph Hermreck, Head of Coordination for Audi Vocational Education in Ingolstadt. This is why apprenticeships are so important at Audi. “We want our apprentices at Audi to be able to grow and develop as individuals,” added Johann Fandrich, Coordination for Audi Vocational Education in Neckarsulm. To ensure this, Audi offers sound, practice-oriented training in future-focused skills related to connected automobiles and systems, data management, and modern communication systems. For example, for the first time in the 2021 training year, there will be apprenticeships in the IT specialist, digital networking and digitalization management assistant (former IT management assistant) career fields.



Ibrahim Sanli, automotive mechatronics technician, 1st year of apprenticeship, Audi Neckarsulm

“At first I really wanted to study at university, but after two semesters I realized that it was too theoretical and not a good fit for me. Now, during my training at Audi, I like the practical teamwork the best! During the entire training period, we work in groups and organize ourselves independently with the support of our trainers. And it is still exciting: The transition to electric mobility is creating many new jobs at the interfaces between mechanics, electronics and IT. As a future automotive mechatronics technician, I’m helping shape the mobility of the future!


Sandro Waha, IT management assistant, 2nd year of apprenticeship, Audi Ingolstadt

“It was important to me to train for a career that has a future. I had also thought about studying at university – but I wanted to gain practical experience first. I can still complete university studies at a later date, as Audi offers great options for support. What especially attracted me in my search for an apprenticeship was the fact that I will pass through a variety of departments during my apprenticeship and in the process gain a wide range of insights into the company. Last year I got the chance to work for Lamborghini in Italy for three months. That was amazing. Going abroad again after my apprenticeship? Definitely!”


Susanne Resnik, Head of Apprenticeships in Specialized Information Technology and Mechatronics, Audi Ingolstadt

“At a car company, everyone thinks ‘they just produce cars’. But nothing functions here anymore without IT, for example – not in the car, not in the production, and not in other areas. And this is exactly where we come in with the apprenticeships. In the training to become an IT specialist, for example. We offer two key fields here: We train the apprentices in the application development specialization specifically for programming apps and intelligent software using various programming languages. And the apprentices in digital networking specialization learn to ensure that the software works and that the data gets to where it belongs. For this, they also need to know their way around the hardware. This is what makes an apprenticeship as an IT specialist so incredibly versatile and important for the future.”